Boreal nameštaj i enterijeri

About us

Radionica Borović


“Boreal” is formed by joining carpentry workshops “Borović Enterijeri” and “Ognjenović” on 2011, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Kraljevci, near Ruma. “Boreal” is the joint result of decades of experience in the processing of solid wood. Building up on the workshops we came from, we continue with the production of furniture made ​​of solid wood, primarily oak, walnut and ash. In collaboration with architects and designers we work on furnishing private and business properties throughout the region, with most of the products marketed in Western Europe.

Man is a part of the nature. Many borders and fences from the nature created by the men have resulted in alienation of an individual. Modern businesses are well aware of it, therefore natural materials are becoming increasingly important in wood-processing industries. “Boreal” uses exclusively solid wood and natural coatings.

Solid wood is a “living” material and our production is carried out under conditions with similar moisture as in residential and commercial objects. That way, our products have minimal property changes after being shipped to the desired location.

If you have a project or idea for interior or exterior of your private home, hotel, or office building, which includes solid wood as a material, please contact us. Our extended experience and willingness to accept challenges will certainly fulfill all your expectations.