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NOVEMBER 22 / 2021

Valuable archeological objects in the Sava riverbed

This season, in search of Bog oak logs in the Sava riverbed, our divers came across valuable archeological specimens from various epochs of history. These are the tusk, bones of a Mammoth as well as the tooth of a baby Mammoth, parts of a furnace from the Celtic settlement period and vessels, coins and tools from the Roman period. All items have been handed over to our Homeland Museum in Ruma, where the items will be conserved and restored.

December 31 / 2020

A little socializing at the end of the year

Despite the problems caused by Covid-19, Boreal successfully finished 2020. Determined to award the best worker in the outgoing year, all employees has voted. Deservedly, our colleague Milenko Pavlović won. Congratulations to Milenko as well as to the entire Boreal team.

Happy New Year

DECEMBER 29 / 2020

The planting of the trees continues

As has become a tradition, we planted trees on the company premises again this year. All employees whose turn it was this year planted one tree each. In total there were 15 plane trees (Platanus acerifolia).

Many thanks to our dear colleagues.

September / 2020

New project with Bog oak

Boreal was commissioned to furnish an exclusive villa on the Côte d’Azur. One of the architect’s tasks was to create a very special interior in one part of the building. Our proposal to make everything out of subfossil oak was accepted. The wood samples were examined by dendrocronological dating, and it turned out that the oak trunks had been preserved in the riverbed of the Sava for 2,600 years.

DECEMBER 2 / 2019

Planting trees on Boreal site

This year, we have continued the traditional planting within the company’s site. All scheduled employees for this year have planted his own tree.5 Japanese cherries (Prunus serrulata), 4 Platanas (Platanus acerifolia), 1 Koprivić (Celtis australis) and 1 Oak (Quercus robur). Many thanks to all colleagues. Let them live long!

November 1-7 / 2019

Boreal at the exhibition
“Green Belgrade - Interior Expo”

Organized by Enterijer Magazine, Boreal took part in the exhibition “Green Belgrade – Interior Expo” as a golden sponsor. The exhibition was held in the Andrićev Venac Gallery, Kralja Milana 1 in Belgrade from November 1-7. We presented to the public new products made of Bog oak several millennia old wood extracted from the river bed of the river Sava where it lay conserved in water and silt.

June 30 / 2019

Red Bull Flugtag Belgrade 2019

Boreal team Darko, Saša, Dejan and Dragan have signed up to participate in the famous Red Bull Flugtag competition in Belgrade. Our production team has constructed and made a unicorn winged horse called Simo. In an attempt to win the 74-meter record, they fell honorably after the six-meter line.

Well done guys and still you are our pride!

More luck next time!